AP160/AP1200 / DAV

Deerlick Astronomy Village taking up space in Chris Hetlage’s observatory. I owe Chris more than I can repay!

NP101/AP1200 / WSP06′

Winter Star Party 2006. Left to right, back to front: Chris Cook, Jim Janusz, Bob Holzer, Scott Hammonds, Zach and Chris Hetlage.

Canon 6D/300mm f4L / Wy2017′

This was the setup I used for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse near Casper, Wyoming. See the images on the Solar System page.

AP160/AP1200 / WSP06′

Winter Star Party 2006. From left to right: Scott Hammonds, Jim Janusz, Chris Cook and Sean Walker.

AP130/AP92 Stowaway/MyT / Home

This is my home setup with the Software Bisque MyT Robotic Mount.

AP130 Visual setup / WSP16′

In 2016 myself, Jim Janusz and Dr Dietmar Hagar attended the Winter Star Party. We just enjoyed the night sky visually.

Scott & AP160/AP1200 / DAV

Circa 2009 at DAV with the setup in the Hetlage Observatory.

FSQ 106/AP160/AP1600/ Arizona

This is a shared setup with two other imagers. It includes my Astro-Physics 160mm telescope.

AP160/AP1200/U16M / 2017

For a short period of time this setup was located in my backyard in Northeast Florida near the Atlantic Ocean.