The links below are some of my favorites and often used links. The list comprises other astrophotographers, equipment manufacturers, retailers, magazines, informational sites, weather and more. If you desire to have your site linked below, send an email to the address listed on the contacts page and include a description of your site. Thanks for visiting.



Chris Cook Pro Photographer and Astrophotograper
CCD Imager
Chris Hetlage CCD Imager and founder Deerlick Astronomy Village
Jim Janusz CCD Imager
Bobby Middleton Film Astrophotographer
Jerry Lodrigus Pro Sports Photographer and Author, Digital Camera
Dietmar Hagar CCD and Webcam Imaging from Austria
Ken Crawford CCD Imager
R. Jay Gabany CCD Imager
Tony Hallas CCD Imager
Brian Lula DSLR Astrophotographer


Astro-Physics High Quality Telescopes and Mounts
CCD Imaging Cameras and Accessories
AstroDon CCD Imaging Filters
Software Bisque The Sky planetarium software, also mounts
Anacortes Astronomy related products
CCDWare Various Imaging software products
TeleVue High Quality Telescopes and Accessories

Creation and Inspirational

Answers in Genesis US Based Ministry, also Creation Museum
Group of professional scientists dedicated to special creation.
Creation Ministries International Australian Based Ministry
RBC Ministries Oswald Chambers, Our Daily Bread, etc.
Bible Gateway Free Service for searching scripture online
BibleSoft Bible Software
Academic Freedom Act See the blog for excellent analysis of relevant news