Messier 76


M76 is a small planetary nebula in the constellation of Perseus. With this setup the relative size of the nebula is readily apparent when compared with some of the larger Messier objects. It was first discovered by Pierre Mechain and reported to Charles Messier in 1780. There are numerous background galaxies as well as an asteroid that passed through the field during image capture. The asteroid is in the bottom right third of the image and shows as dashed red, blue and green lines.


Telescope: Astro-Physics 160mm EDF f7.5 Designation: M76 & NGC 650
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1200GTO
Constellation: Perseus
Camera: Apogee U16M with Astrodon Gen II Filters Distance: Approx 3400 Light Years
Guiding: SBIG ST402 via Mini Borg 60mm Type: Planetary nebula
Exposure: 2 Hours 50 Minutes RGB Position: R.A. 1 hr 42 min , Dec +51034'
Processed using PixInsight Date: October 2013
Acquisition: CCDAutopilot/MaximDL/The Sky 6/M1OASYS Location: Deerlick Astronomy Village