Messier 109


M109 is a barred spiral galaxy located in the constellation Ursa Major. There are numerous galaxies in this wide field grouping, a quick count yields about 20 smaller galaxies scattered across the image. Irregular galaxy PGC 37553 is in the upper left corner of the field and PGC 37700 is directly to the right of M109.


Telescope: Astro-Physics 160mm EDF f7.5 Designation: M109
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1200GTO
Constellation: Ursa Major
Camera: SBIG ST10XME with Astrodon Filters Distance: Approx 50 Million Light Years
Guiding: SBIG ST402 via Mini Borg 60mm Type: Barred Spiral Galaxy
Exposure: 4 hours 50 minutes of Luminance Position: R.A. 11 hr 57 min , Dec +530 22'
Processed using CCDStack, PhotoShop CS3 Date: 3rd, 4th and 6th of January 2008
Acquisition: CCDAutopilot/CCDSoft/The Sky 6/M1OASYS Location: Deerlick Astronomy Village