Sagittarius Region of the Milky Way

IC 1396

The center of the Milky Way is full of star clusters and nebula. This wide field image shows the Lagoon nebula and Trifid nebula center right. The camera that took this image was riding piggy back on top of the main telescope.


Telescope: Canon FD 135mm f2.5 lens at f4 Designation: N/A
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1200 GTO
Constellation: Sagittarius
Camera: Canon AE1 Program Distance: N/A
Guiding: SBIG ST-4 Type: Milky Way wide field
Exposure: Kodak E200, 1 hour Position: R.A. 05 hr 35 min , Dec -050 23'
Processed using PhotoShop CS Date: 6 May 2005
Scanning by Tony Hallas Location: Gila, NM