Antares Region of Scorpius


This photograph is centered on the head of Scorpius. The lower right corner shows part of the bulging center of the Milky Way galaxy. A very color region of the sky, this image shows dark nebula, reflection nebula and dense star clouds. The bright yellow orange star is Antares.


Telescope: Canon FD 50mm f1.8 lens at f4 Designation: Antares Region
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1200 GTO
Constellation: Scorpius
Camera: Canon AE1 Program Distance: Approx 400 Light Years
Guiding: SBIG ST-4 Type: Emission & Reflection Nebula
Exposure: Kodak E200, 1 hour Position: R.A. 16 hr 27 min , Dec -260 11'
Processed using, PhotoShop CS Date: 7 May 2005
Scanning by Tony Hallas Location: Gila, NM