Current Equipment

My equipment is in a constant state of change. The list below is current as of December 2007, but I am always
trying to upgrade or trade out equipment to fit my imaging needs.


A view from inside of the observatory showing:
1. Astro-Physics AP1200 GTO
2. Astro-Physics AP160 mm EDF
3. Mini-Borg 60mm Guide Scope
4. SBIG ST10XME w/Astrodon filters
5. SBIG ST402 Guide Camera

A view of the custom pier and wiring mess. There is an APC battery back up for the equipment, a power strip attached to the pier. The Robofocus unit is also strapped to the pier. The M1OASYS sytem allows me to operate the equipment via the internet and the power switches are plugged into the UPC as well. The M1OASYS was customed designed by Chris Hetlage who owns the observatory and allows me to share expenses.
Observatory view showing Scott's and Chris' setup.

Also not shown:

Astro-Physics Mach 1 GTO
Meade LX200 10" OTA
Tele Vue NP101